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Examine Your Mind and Heart

Examine Your Mind and Heart

Psalms 26:2 – Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart.

As we as Christians keep working on becoming more like Jesus, it’s important that we judge the intents of our hearts. We often see people that where the label of “Christian” but they end up acting in ways that would make you question that. So with that said, it’s important to understand that our actions simple express who we are as humans but as far as God is concerned the Blood of Jesus has already paid the price for our shortcomings and those of others. So our actions don’t always determine whether or not we are Christians but they are still very important; however, it’s important to understand that our actions are an expression the motives of our heart.

If we really want to act like Christians and be a truly sincere example of what God means to us and has done for us, than our actions would express that by us continuing to develop and become better Christians day by day. The same problems you had years ago should begin to move out of your life, if the motive of your heart is to become better. If you are still doing the same things that may not line up with the Word of God, it’s most likely a result of your heart not really desiring to grow and become an example of a true Christian.

Also, keep very close eye on how you are growing in the church you are attending. If you heart is really to become a better example of Christ and it’s just not happening, it could very well be a result of the church you are attending and the teaching you are getting. Church “IS NOT” a place for an emotional experience. It’s the “school” for Christians. If you went through grade school having fun and jumping off the tables, you would never pass a test. The same thing applies to your church. Are you actually learning “how” to win in life and become better or are you just getting a temporary “good feeling”? Your church should instill principles from the Word of God that will challenge you to grow. If not your heart condition may simply be that your spirit is hungry and your actions are a result of that.

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